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Published on August 28, 2023

Discover the wonder that is San Francisco in November. Explore the city's cultural offerings, culinary scene, and natural landscape as the season of change sweeps in.

This lively urban playground is a mesmerizing escape, whether you're taking a stroll through Golden Gate Park's fresh flora or sampling delicious delights at the Ferry Building Marketplace.

Take in the sights and feel the city's seasonal beauty as the breeze cools you down as you walk between famous sites.

San Francisco Weather in November

November in San Francisco is a pleasant month with temperate temperatures. The beginning of the rainy season has arrived.

Dry conditions prevail early in the month, with temperatures rising to near-average levels. 

As you enter the third week, roughly around Thanksgiving, the weather begins to cool and the rain begins to fall. November in San Francisco is characterized by pleasant temperatures and cold evenings.

San Francisco Weather In November

Beginning temperatures typically hover about 55 degrees. Daytime highs reach the lower to mid-60s by late afternoon. 

After sunset, temperatures drop back down to the mid-50s. It eventually rains around this time of year, though typically not until about halfway through the month.

Light rain falls frequently, making it possible to go around San Francisco even on a wet day.

  • Average High in November: 63° F/17° C
  • Average Low in November: 50° F/10° C
  • Average Monthly Rainfall: 3.2 inches
  • Record High: 86° F/ 30° C (11/01/1966)
  • Record Low: 40° F/4° C (11/19/1944)

Things to Do in San Francisco in November

Explained below are several things you can do in San Francisco in November. There will be something for you.

Join the traditional Day of the Dead Festival

Traditional Day Dead Festival

On November 2nd, celebrate the Day of the Dead with joy. One of the most well-known celebrations of Mexican culture in the United States.

Despite its morbid name, this holiday honoring the dead is driven by the joyous celebration of its brightly colored decorations and the company of friends and family members. 

San Francisco residents celebrate this day with parades, skeletons decked out in makeup, and customary flower and candy offerings across the city, especially in the Bay Area and the Mission District. 

The festival's main attraction is the Sugar Skull figure, a standard skull painted in hundreds of bright colors. Participating in this event is an excellent way to get to know the people and have a memorable time.

Watch an NBA game with the Golden State Warriors

Sports aficionados have the opportunity to attend a home game of the renowned Golden State Warriors during the National Basketball Association (NBA) season, which commences in the latter part of October.

Spectators have the opportunity to witness renowned international athletes like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson captivate attention through a remarkable exhibition of physical prowess, enhanced by the enthusiastic support of over 18,000 fans.

Golden Gate Half Marathon

Golden Gate Half Marathon

A gigantic marathon across the Golden Gate Bridge, with the best views of the entire San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz Island, is the perfect challenge for those who value healthy lifestyles and outdoor activities.

Join the Golden Gate Half Marathon to prove that there is more to the holiday season than just feasting and retail therapy. 

There has been this annual gathering for twenty years, and it continues to grow in popularity.

The San Francisco Marathon is one of the most prestigious events in the city, and its course of over 21 kilometers (13.1 miles) provides participants with a great opportunity to get in shape while also experiencing something very special.

SF Coffee Festival

SF Coffee Festival

In November, San Francisco hosts the SF Coffee Festival, a delectable event that is sure to keep coffee connoisseurs alert.

This significant event takes place in the Fort Mason Centre Festival Pavilion during the second week of November, and it attracts a growing number of people each year. 

Enjoy the best live music and delectable pastries while shopping for coffee from across the world at the SF Coffee Festival, which also features representatives from the best coffee shops in the San Francisco area.

Illuminate SF Festival of Lights

SF Festival Of Lights

Each year in November, San Francisco hosts the breathtaking Illuminate SF Festival of Lights, an event that brings together a wide range of local and international artists to produce spectacular light-based art projects.

Each of the city's many light art installations is open to the public and free of charge, ensuring that people of all ages, from young children to their parents, may enjoy the captivating displays.

Napa Valley Film Festival

Napa Valley Film Festival

Cinema Napa Valley hosts the yearly Napa Valley Film Festival. The festival promotes the development of the artistic, cinematic, and narrative community by highlighting the work of independent filmmakers.

The beautiful scenery is only enhanced by the delicious local cuisine and vino. The festival also features wine-tasting receptions and cooking demonstrations.

San Francisco International Auto Show

For many automakers, the highlight of the year is the San Francisco International Auto Show.

The latest models from many different automakers will be on display at the Moscone Centre, from high-end marques like Rolls Royce to mass-market names like Ford.

Concept vehicles and cutting-edge automotive technologies are also showcased at the exhibition.

Get Creative at the Renegade Craft Fair

Renegade Craft Fair

The Renegade Craft Fair is a two-day contemporary festival that attracts art and design aficionados from all over the country.

More than two hundred creators and designers will be there to show off their latest creations and provide inspiring immersive experiences.  

The festival, which will take place at the Fort Mason Centre, will also feature local DJs, workshops, and food trucks.

The time and date for this event have been set for the 5th and 6th of November, between the hours of 11 AM and 5 PM each day. Plus, there won't be any admission fees!

Shopping around Black Friday

Shopping Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when many stores have huge bargains on clothing, gadgets, and more.

Union Square is a shopper's paradise, with great sales at Macy's and other major stores. Many stores are also offering discounts and promotions at the Westfield Mall and Ghirardelli Square.

Ice Skating at Winter Park at Civic Center

Ice Skating Winter Park

The advent of winter in San Francisco heralds the commencement of the ice skating season.

The Winter Park located in the Civic Centre offers a unique outdoor skating experience, distinguished by its track that is through a forest illuminated by decorative lights.

The park is highly recommended for anybody seeking recreational activities, particularly families and couples.

Save Money With a Tourist Pass

Tourist Pass SF

Many of San Francisco's most popular attractions offer discounted passes that can save you a significant amount of money during your visit.

There are services that let you pay a single payment for entry to only the attractions you desire, in contrast to all-inclusive passes that give you access to hundreds of attractions for a set number of days.

What to Wear for the San Francisco Weather in November

Wear San Francisco November

Prepare for the cool November weather in San Francisco by bringing a lot of layers. At this time of year, remember to bring along:

  • Light to medium coat (with a hood, in case it rains).
  • Sweaters with a moderate weight
  • Layering pieces consisting of lightweight long sleeve shirts or sweaters
  • Wearing jeans or other comfortable pants
  • Walking shoes with a closed toe that are also comfy
  • Thin wrap for cool evenings


Nature and city life in San Francisco in November make for a compelling combination. Golden Gate Park and the rest of the city's famous sights make for a varied and exciting vacation.

Celebrate the month of November in this dynamic city, where life is a canvas and each moment is a work of art.

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