Best Restaurants in San Francisco

Best Restaurants in San Francisco
Published on April 25, 2023

San Francisco is a Foodie's paradise. With so many restaurants to choose from, San Franciscans and tourists are spoiled for choice on what to eat

Whether you prefer indoor dining in a cozy dining room or prefer your diner with a view, there are a multitude of restaurants that are a must-visit if you are ever in the San Francisco area.

Choosing a restaurant is relatively easy and mostly depends on your tastes and what you have a hankering for. Let's take a look.

Best Restaurants in San Francisco

Let's take a look at the top five restaurants in San Francisco that have earned themself the title of the best restaurant.

1. Saison Restaurant

Saison Restaurant

Credit: Saison Restaurant

Situated in San Francisco's South Beach, Chef Joshua Skenes and his restaurant are a delight. With three Michelin stars under his belt, Joshua serves up an array of creative dishes in the Bay Area.

From wood pigeon to an assortment of caviar and sea urchin dishes, Saison is the best restaurant for those with a more distinguished palate.

Guests are in for a treat when they visit Saison, where fine dining and local oysters are not the only thing on the menu.

There is very little more satisfying than enjoying a hearty meal with friends, and at Saison, friends, and family are important. Share a warm bread salad with your loved ones, or peruse the dinner menu for more tasty food options that will leave you wanting more.


2. San Ho Won

San Ho Won Best Restaurants in San Francisco

Credit: San Ho Won

San Ho Won is San Francisco's top Korean barbecue restaurant and serves the likes of pork belly, prime rib, and a variety of more traditional Korean foods like egg noodles, soup dumplings, sticky sauce, and kimchi fried rice.

Located in the upmarket Mission District, San Ho Won is a casual restaurant that focuses on the flavor of its food above all else.

If you have ever had Korean barbecue before, you will know of the rich flavors, enticing entrees, and above all, great Korean food that is both classic and exotic.

Korean barbecue might not be to everyone's taste, but it is a great option on those days when you need a spoil and don't know what to eat.


3. Zuni Cafe

Zuni Cafe

Credit: Zuni Cafe

Award-winning restaurant Zuni Cafe is a must for their seasonal tasting menu of wood-fired eats and classic dishes like roast chicken, fried chicken, and Yorkshire pudding.

Enjoy the bold flavors served up by one of the best San Francisco restaurants with a wood-fired oven that attracts visitors from all over the world.

If it's fresh seafood you are after, Zuni offers fresh oysters, a sushi bar, and an array of family-style dishes that are an absolute delight for the whole family.


4. La Taqueria

If you find yourself in the Mission District and want to enjoy some delicious Mexican food, La Taqueria's culinary team serves up shareable dishes of only the best Mexican foods. Choose from their classic burritos, or savor their tacos and nachos.

While this restaurant does not serve wine, guests can choose from local and imported beers to wash down their meals of the finest Californian cuisine.

San Franciscans flock to La Taqueria for their classic Mexican meals, so make sure you do, too, if you are ever in the area.

5. Hog Island Oyster Co

Hog Island Oyster Co

Credit: Hog Island Oyster Co

For sushi and oyster lovers, the Hog Island Oyster Co raw bar in the San Francisco Ferry Building is home to some of the best sushi counters in the city.

Choose from the main dining room, or hide away in a corner space on date nights with that special someone.

Hog Island is a fairly new restaurant with a great selection of natural wine and fresh oysters. Using only the best cooking techniques, the chefs serve up the perfect meals that include baby octopus stew and garlic noodles.

A raw bar is a great option when you are not quite sure what you want to eat and offers an array of different foods, flavors, and wines to satisfy your hunger. Visit Hog Island Oyster Co today for a good time.


Classic San Franciscan Dishes

For lovers of California cuisine, San Francisco is the ideal place to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

With a multitude of options of restaurants available, there are many places to get fresh spaghetti, Dungeness crab, and a host of Italian wines that pair well with just about any meal that you may choose. 

Head to Hayes Valley for weekend brunch, or pop to one of the restaurants in the Bay area for a spot of sushi and soy sauce.

The raw bars in the area guarantee fresh oysters served daily and are perfect for a date or a family dinner. 

Even the pickiest of eaters will have their fill at one of the above-recommended best restaurants in San Francisco, where good food and great company go hand in hand.

If North Beach is more your scene, there are many cafes, restaurants, and deli-type eateries that serve up delicious meals and have an extensive wine list.

Whether you prefer indoor dining rooms or a meal with a view on a terrace, there is an abundance of eateries that serve all the dishes we have mentioned on our list.

If you're stuck on where to go, a quick online search can lead you to a restaurant that will satisfy any foodie. Remember to post a picture of your meal online and share it with your friends.


We have reviewed five of the very best restaurants in San Francisco. With high ratings and only the best recommendations, these restaurants have earned themselves their title of the best restaurant.

Choosing a place to eat can be tricky, but you can't go wrong with one of our five choices. Visit them today and sample their menu, or order small plates of a variety of their most famous dishes.

Ask your waiter or waitress for their recommendations, and remember to check the specials board for meals you would not necessarily find on the menu.

If you have a picky eater, visit the restaurant's website and go through the menu beforehand.

This can save you the painstaking process of umming and aahing when everyone else has already decided what they are going to have.

From seafood to fresh pasta, the meal options are endless and have been created by some of San Francisco's top chefs. Go wild and order the crispy pig ears, or enjoy pasta made with fresh Thai basil.

San Francisco is a hub for fine dining, and you just need to know where to go to enjoy a meal that will have you coming back for more.

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